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No one ever wants to feel unsafe. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are safe from harm. If you currently don’t feel this way, you may be wondering if you should hire additional security. This is a good idea for a variety of people in many of life’s situations. Are you one of them? We hope this helpful breakdown aids you in knowing for sure. 

Do You Need Security?

There are a variety of reasons why you might find the need for an extra level of security. In fact, if you suspect that you need more security, you probably do. This is especially true if…

#1 You live in a high crime area. If you live in an area with a lot of burglaries or home invasions, extra security is a good option for you. This could be mobile patrol, walking the perimeter of your property or the entire neighborhood. This is sure to be a deterrent for any would-be criminals.

#2 You have been receiving threats. If you’ve been receiving threats, you have good reason to fear that you need security. Don’t give anyone the chance to make good on their threats! Hire security for an event, in the short-term, or for as long as you’d like.

#3 Your business handles a lot of cash transactions. If you regularly have a lot of cash on hand at your business, this is tempting to thieves. This applies to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pawn shops, and more. Businesses that involve a high volume of cash transactions are a good candidate for additional security. By the time you call the police, your money and the perp will be long gone!

#4 You have a lot of high-end goods. This applies both professionally or residentially. Perhaps you own a jewelry store or have a collection of luxury watches you are very proud of. Either way, this is a quick score for a thief. Designer purses, jewelry, high-end clothing, phones, tech gear, and expensive shoes are all examples of items someone would love to grab and run off with- if you let them. Hiring security for your store or home means they won’t have the chance!

#5 You are a “high profile” individual. A celebrity, politician, CEO, or a wealthy person well-known in the community may feel the need to have a personal bodyguard. People in this group tend to be targets for overzealous fans, thieves, and individuals who wish to harm them physically. If this describes you, a personal bodyguard or other security option is a smart choice.

Statewide Patrol is Here for All Your Security Needs

We hope looking at this list helped you decide. Hiring security isn’t only for the elite. Rising concerns about terrorism, kidnappings, rioting, and active shooters have led many people to consider hiring extra security for them, their family, their home, their company, and their posessions. This type of protection is for anyone who wants to absolutely ensure their safety, from politicians to celebrities to corporate leaders to victims of a crime and beyond. Whether you feel you need an armed security guard at the entrance of your building or a team of bodyguards walking with you at all times, we have the security solutions you need to feel totally safe. That is our speciality!