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Security patrol officers can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations. This is especially true if you have a large area, like a mall, school, or commercial complex, you want to be kept safe and secure overnight. As you consider hiring one, we’d love to discuss in more detail what this professional will do while on-site.

What Security Patrol Officers will do on Shift

Their job is to ensure the safety of a building or business by helping monitor it. You may wonder what security personnel do on shift. Do they just sit there? Of course not! 

As a security officer, their job is to ensure the safety of a building or business by helping monitor it once everyone else leaves for the evening. In this role, the officer may watch video from security cameras, respond to alerts, patrol the area, or perform other tasks as necessary based on the security systems in place. They will do several different things each shift, including:

Following Post Orders

Post Orders are a set of mandatory duties which our officers must execute every shift. A field supervisor will train all officers assigned to your property on-site, so they know exactly what to do. Perhaps you want them to lock up for the night, or mobile patrol the area, or a multitude of other tasks. 

Writing the DOR

Each night, your security officer will be inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points. If need be, they are able and willing to restrain trespassers. For every work shift on your property, our officers write a Daily Officer Report (DOR). The DOR is a detailed account of your officer’s activities throughout their shift.

Bringing Your Attention to Unusual or Suspicious Activities

You can bet that if an alarm sounds, they will respond to it! Our officers are also ready with special forms, which supplement the DOR, and clearly bring to your attention any unusual activities on your property. These forms include:

  • Incident Reports
  • Suspect Information Sheets
  • Safety Inspection/Hazard Form
  • Light Reports

If something is going on at your property or commercial business overnight and after hours, you want to know about it. That is precisely what these forms aim to do. 

Hire Security Patrol Officers From Statewide Patrol

Now that you know a bit more, it is time to call Statewide Patrol! We will provide any number of well-trained and uniformed security patrol officers, however many you feel is necessary for the protection of your property. This isn’t just guessing. A veteran field officer and management personnel will work together with you to create a custom set of Post Orders for your property. This is just one way we should show our total dedication to you and your safety!