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7 Essential Pieces of Personal Protection Officers Equipment

Here at Statewide Patrol, we love what we do. What do we do? We protect our clients, their buildings, and the Austin community as a whole. A big portion of this is done by our Personal Protection Officers (PPOs). Our Personal Protection Officers can provide a wide variety of protection for various private and public functions, and/or just personal protection. All of our PPOs are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety -Private Security Bureau. They are also able to be armed. A gun is only one of the essential pieces of Personal Protection Officers equipment that these individuals count on every day, though.

Essential Pieces of Personal Protection Officers Equipment

Just because your Personal Protection Officer is armed doesn’t mean he or she is running around shooting like a Wild West movie. A true professional is focused on preventing circumstances where force becomes necessary, not encouraging or enjoying it. When danger is present, your Personal Protection Officer’s first goal is to protect you and get you out of the area as quickly and safely as possible. While fighting or drawing a weapon can sometimes be necessary, this is always viewed as a last resort. Beyond the gun, other essential items every Personal Protection Officer will carry includes:

#1 Heavy Duty Tactical Boots

Our Personal Protection Officers can be dressed in casual to formal attire or plain-clothed. Either way, they’re going to be on their feet all day long and that requires a good pair of shoes. Plain-clothes doesn’t mean flip-flops! Their boots need to be comfortable enough to stand in for hours at a time, yet be lightweight, flexible, and have appropriate traction so they can run after someone if needed.

#2 Utility Belt

The right security gear belt will make it easy for your Personal Protection Officer to carry and access pepper spray, a flashlight, handcuffs, a taser, and a holster and gun. 

#3 First Aid Kit

If there’s an accident or incident on site, the Austin Personal Protection Officer may be the first responder on the scene. Carrying or having quick access to a small first aid kit can save lives.

#4 Body Armor

These people work in especially dangerous situations. Body armor, like a bullet proof vest, is needed for the job.

#5 Flashlight

The darker it is, the more dangerous it is. That is why a flashlight is an important piece of equipment!

#6 Smartphone

Your Personal Protection Officer may need to call for help. A smartphone also makes it easy to connect with co-workers or clients, document an incident with photographs, record something, and more.

#7 Non-Lethal Weapons

You don’t always need lethal force. Pepper spray, a taser, and a baton are only a short list of options.

Austin Personal Protection Officers from Statewide Patrol

We serve a multitude of clients and cater to all their security needs. This includes handling disgruntled ex-employees, lay-offs, threat assessment, deterrents or responses, emergency plans, communication, background investigations, and much more. When you hire Austin Personal Protection Officers from Statewide Patrol, you’re getting nothing short of the best protection possible!


We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.