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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Armed Bodyguards

If you’re like a lot of people, the majority of what you know about armed bodyguards comes from movies, television, and video games. Sorry to say it, but these forms of entertainment are not always an accurate representation of what real-life bodyguards do and how they act. If you’re looking to hire Austin armed bodyguards, you should learn all you can to correct these misconceptions beforehand. Statewide Patrol is here to help you do just that!

#1 It’s not nearly as glamorous as Hollywood makes it seem

While some movies and television shows might give the impression that clients and bodyguards spend time together in social settings, this rarely happens in real life. Bodyguards are not there to “hang out” with the rich and famous! The reality is that armed bodyguards are trained to maintain professional distance from their clients. While the client is interacting with friends, engaged in a meeting, performing on stage, or enjoying a party, their bodyguard is monitoring the area looking for any potential threat.

#2 They’re not just for celebrities

Hiring an armed bodyguard isn’t only for the elite. Rising concerns about terrorism, kidnappings, rioting, and active shooters have inspired many people to consider hiring an armed bodyguard. This type of protection is for anyone who wants to absolutely ensure their safety, from politicians to celebrities to corporate leaders to victims of a crime and beyond. 

#3 Not all bodyguards are big

When it comes to your armed bodyguard, size doesn’t matter. While some armed bodyguards are large, imposing men that look like gladiators, many others are average-sized men and women. It is actually very beneficial to have a bodyguard who blends into their surroundings. The fact is that clients have many different needs. Some clients prefer large guards because they want that intimidating, physical presence, and other clients prefer their executive protection specialists to be less conspicuous. It’s all about meeting your exact needs!

#4 Armed bodyguards don’t always (or often!) use force

Just because your bodyguard is armed doesn’t mean he or she is running around shooting like a Wild West movie. A true professional is focused on preventing circumstances where force becomes necessary, not encouraging or enjoying it. When danger is present, your bodyguard’s first goal is to protect you and get you out of the area as quickly and safely as possible. While fighting or drawing a weapon can sometimes be necessary, this is always viewed as a last resort. Sorry to say it, but having an armed bodyguard won’t be like living in a James Bond movie. 

Your safety isn’t something to leave to chance. An armed bodyguard provided by Statewide Patrol will help to provide critical peace of mind and personal security for you and your loved ones, no matter where you are and who may be nearby. 


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