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As a business owner or public figure, you must have the correct security personnel in place to guard both your safety and possessions. But with so many options of security officers available on the market, it can be challenging to decide which type of officer is best for your needs. So let’s explore the different types of security officers available to hire and how they can help protect you and your property.

Importance of Security for Your Business

Having a reliable security officer on the premises is essential for businesses of all sizes. A competent security guard can help ensure that your physical security measures are properly implemented, thus providing an additional layer of protection against threats to your property or personnel.

Moreover, having a professional presence in the workplace helps deter crime and sets the tone for a safe environment. In addition to protecting the physical aspects of your business, having a security guard can also help protect your intellectual property, such as software and other confidential information.

Types of Security Officers

With an array of security systems available, it’s difficult to determine which one is the most suitable for your business. Allow us to shed some light and introduce you to the most widely used types of security guards:

Unarmed Security Officers

When it comes to defending a building or individual, unarmed security guards are often the first line of defense. They can perform surveillance, patrol services, access control, and other general security measures because they have received training in fundamental safety procedures. If you require basic security but feel uncomfortable having armed individuals in your house or place of business, unarmed security guards are the best option.

Armed Security Guards

Compared to unarmed officers, armed security personnel offers better levels of protection. They are highly trained in the use of firearms and may carry handguns, shotguns, or rifles. They are typically used by companies that need a higher level of security against theft or violence and are frequently used for VIP escorts or cash transport services. Most states require armed security guards to have specific licenses before being hired for these jobs.

Mobile Patrol Officers

Mobile patrol officers protect a building or campus by driving around in a vehicle. Mobile security guards are most frequently seen at corporate campuses, local malls, airports, and community colleges. In addition to enforcing local traffic and parking laws, mobile guards are expected to maintain a consistent security presence that prevents criminal activity. Mobile security officers must constantly be prepared to respond to any security incidents, assistance requests, or other security concerns.

Personal Protection Officers

This type of security officer is typically hired to protect high-profile individuals, such as celebrities or dignitaries. These officers are highly trained in the tactical use of weapons and advanced security techniques. They are expected to be knowledgeable about the latest criminal trends and their client’s needs and habits. When working with these officers, it is essential to ensure that they have the necessary licenses and certifications required by the state.

Courtesy Patrol Guards

A courtesy officer is a security staff member who monitors and generally protects the people and things in an apartment building or other housing facility. Keeping the neighborhood secure is the primary duty of courtesy officers. They may patrol the grounds to deter criminal activity or enforce local laws, such as parking or noise ordinances. They are also expected to assist with emergencies and help maintain order when disputes arise.

How to Hire a Security Company

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To hire a security company, you have to do your research and ensure the company you choose is legitimate and reliable. Start by researching the company’s history, services, and customer reviews to get an idea of what others have experienced with them. Make sure they are licensed and insured as well.

Once you feel comfortable with a company, you should meet in person to discuss your security needs and develop a plan to protect your property or facility. From there, you can sign an agreement so the security staff can begin their work as soon as possible.

Statewide Patrol offers all these security services, providing our clients with comprehensive solutions tailored to their individual needs—from armed officers to personal protection guards—regardless of size or type of business or organization. Our dedicated team is comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the security industry who are ready to help you protect what matters most.