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Electronic Guard Tour System

“This system provides Digital Proof to our Clients that our services were actually rendered!”

Statewide Patrol, Inc. employs the Deggy® Guard Tour System that utilizes proven “touch-memory” technology, enabling our officers to easily record and report events and document the exact date, time and location of our patrol inspections. Each patrol inspection is electronically recorded to ensure quality of service and provides our clients with consistent verification that the services were actually performed.

How the Guard Tour System Works: Electronic Data buttons are placed in strategic locations throughout our clients sites and our patrol officers “touch” these check points at specified times during their patrol inspections. The Deggy® Guard Tour Wand keeps an electronic record and thus provides thorough incident reporting.

The wand can then be plugged into a download station and the software prints out a detailed report that can be made available to our clients on a monthly basis or upon request. The Deggy® Guard Tour System allows us to monitor patrol officer performance, measure productivity, and capture on-site data to identify operational inefficiencies, maintenance problems, security vulnerabilities, or safety concerns.

Statewide Patrol’s Guard Supervisors carry a Deggy® Guard Tour Wand as well. This ensures reliable officer supervision and fully documents all our Supervisor “Post Inspections.” This electronic documentation means that supervisors can continually monitor officers, and provide our clients with an electronic “fingerprint” record of our supervisor’s activity.

How Supervisor Post Inspections Work: Upon arrival, the supervisor touches his or her Deggy® Guard Tour Wand to a permanently affixed electronic button on your site to record the actual date and time of the “post inspection.” During the “post inspection”, the Guard Supervisor will inspect your assigned officer’s uniform standard, personal appearance and discuss crucial post orders. The Guard Supervisor will also ensure that your officer is completing his/her written report and it is up-to-the-hour and legible.

At the end of the “post inspection”, the Guard Supervisor touches the electronic button again to record the elapsed time and any activities during the post inspection. The visit information then is downloaded to create the Supervisory Post Inspection Report. Again, this report can be provided to our clients, as actual electronic proof, that your officer is being supervised daily.

Statewide Patrol, Inc serves a multitude of clients and caters to all their security needs:
  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • On-Site Security Officers
  • Firewatch Officers
  • Temporary Assignments
  • Body Guards
  • Off-Duty Law Enforcement
  • Alarm Response
  • Secure & Lock-Up Services


We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.