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You know you need protection above and beyond what the regular Austin Police Department can provide. They can’t be everywhere and with everyone all at once. As you begin your research, you’ll come across several different names and job titles. Do you need a bodyguard? A personal protection officer? A security guard? A security officer? What is the difference between a security guard and a security officer anyway? Don’t worry! Statewide Patrol is here to answer your questions so you feel a peace of mind knowing you have the right protection for you.

Austin Security Guard

You can view an Austin security guard as the “face” of a building’s security. This is the person you will often see performing day-to-day security duties, like checking people’s IDs at the door or ensuring everyone has a ticket at the gate. A security guard will often stay at the location they have been assigned or perhaps patrol a small area. Often, the mere presence of a security guard is enough to deter unwanted or criminal activity. If someone does try to get past him or her, however, the guard is able to report any suspicious activity they detect.

Austin Security Officer 

Security officers operate in a more managerial role. This individual may be in charge of the overall security operation. They are responsible for the smooth running of security at a location, like a large corporate office, ball park or stadium, school campus, shopping mall, airport, or other place with big square footage and many people.

Instead of staying in one post, security officers are more mobile. Due to their increased responsibility, security officers need years of experience and fantastic judgment at a moment’s notice. 

Their additional experience and expertise is needed because they are able to exercise more independent judgment than security guards. They may also use their knowledge and background to train or manage security guards. 

The Difference Between a Security Guard and a Security Officer

Both fit seamlessly into the overall security operation. What’s the real difference? A security guard follows a security management plan’s details and won’t be expected to exercise any independent judgment. Their responsibility is pretty limited. Because of this, a security guard’s requirements are less stringent than those of a security officer. Guards are not required to have high experience levels, as they really just follow orders and do routine checks and rounds. Companies expect security officers to have extensive expertise and experience.

Do you need to hire a security guard or security officer? To know the answer, you need to consider the scope of the security job at hand. If the tasks need experience and expertise, then hiring an Austin security officer is your best bet. On the other hand, if the role is not that extensive and the risks involved are minimal, opting for an adequately-trained unarmed security guard may be a perfectly good option.

Feel free to discuss your exact security needs with us here at Statewide Patrol. We’ll work with you and find the perfect solution to your security needs. Our Austin office can be reached by calling (512) 326-9411.