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commercial pool inspection checklist

Keep Your Pool Secure with This Commercial Pool Inspection Checklist

As a commercial pool owner, it is essential to ensure the safety and security of your pool. One way to do this is by conducting regular inspections using a commercial pool inspection checklist. With this checklist, you can keep track of everything that needs to be inspected and ensure your pool is safe for everyone.

This article will discuss the importance of pool security, provide a commercial pool inspection checklist, and discuss how to get top-notch security services from Statewide Patrol.

Importance of Pool Security

Pool security is crucial, especially for commercial pool owners. Here are five reasons why:

1. Drowning Prevention

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children aged 1-4 years. Having proper pool security measures in place can prevent these tragic accidents.

2. Liability Protection

You could be liable for damages if someone gets injured or drowns in your pool. Having proper security measures in place can protect you from legal issues.

3. Insurance Requirements

Many insurance companies require commercial pool owners to have certain security measures to be eligible for coverage.

4. Code Compliance

Local and state regulations require commercial pool owners to comply with certain safety codes. Having proper security measures in place can ensure compliance and prevent fines.

5. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your pool is secure can give you peace of mind and help you enjoy it even more.

patrol service for commercial pools

Commercial Pool Inspection Checklist

A commercial pool inspection checklist is a great tool to help ensure the safety and security of your pool. Here are some items that should be on your checklist:

Get Top-Notch Security Services from Statewide Patrol

With public law enforcement coverage spreading thinner and thinner, it’s important to have a reliable security service provider to fill in the gaps.

Statewide Patrol’s standing guards project authority, professionalism, and confidence. Our officers are MEB® Baton Certified, Handcuffing Certified, and Radio Equipped, making them highly prepared to handle any situation.

Our services are digitally verified, and we count on workers’ comp insurance and commercial auto insurance. We are licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety and are Compliance Depot Certified with Vendor ID# 310624.

Our supervisors are on duty 365 days a year, and our managers and supervisors are available by phone 24/7/365.

To know more about our options for enhancing the safety of your commercial establishment, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.