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Who Should Hire an Austin, TX Personal Protection Officer

Certain business positions, increased media attention, and particular dangerous situations may call for the use of personal protection. It is never a good idea to take a chance with your safety. With the decreased cost and increased availability of a personal protection officer, it is now more accessible to hire a bodyguard than ever. Do any of the following describe your situation?


#1 CEOs and Executives. Being in control of a company and millions of dollars presents unique safety risks. These business men and women often need to use private security to protect themselves from various threats to their personal safety.

#2 Money and Valuables Handlers. Handling large amount of money on a regular basis puts you at risk, even if the money isn’t your own. You could be the target of theft, assault, kidnapping, and other corporate crimes. An officer will stand watch on your surroundings at all times and detect suspicious behavior, thereby ensuring you and the money are protected.

#3 Targets of Media Attention. Those who are suddenly on television and all over the internet may want to consider private protection. Being in the public eye because you are a lottery winners or witnesses to a crime can bring threats to your personal safety.


#4 Victims of Domestic Disputes and Other Assaults. Those who have recently been attacked are rightfully fearful of another one. This is a good time to have a bodyguard present for a while while you regain your confidence and sense of security.

#5 Wealthy Individuals. It is no secret that criminals often target wealthier individuals and families. A private security officer will provide you, your family, and your home with the protection you need.

Hiring a personal bodyguard can help you maintain peace of mind. Take a step today to protect yourself and those you love by calling Statewide Patrol. We can be reached by phone at (512) 326-9411 or via our online request form.



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