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Due to the sheer fact that so many people live so close to one another, apartment security is something to take very seriously. The residents of your building have every right to assume the company who manages their building has security at top of mind.

In some cases, the security of an apartment building is handled by a courtesy patrol officer. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this right now.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Courtesy Officer?
  • How Apartment Buildings Can Benefit From Additional Security
  • Professional Security Services

What is a Courtesy Officer?

A courtesy officer is a security professional who provides surveillance and basic protection, often for the residents and property of an apartment complex. Their primary function is to keep everyone in the area safe, both in and surrounding the apartment complex.

This isn’t a police officer working for the Dallas PD. Their duties are managed by the apartment building. A courtesy officer’s employment falls under the umbrella of property management, in fact.

How Apartment Buildings Can Benefit From Additional Security

museum securityCourtesy officers act as a deterrent for crime. No one ever wants to feel unsafe in their own home. The residents of your apartment complex deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing they and their families are safe from harm while on the premises. While a courtesy officer cannot arrest anyone, the presence of an authority figure alone is often enough to stop a crime from happening in the first place.

If your building is in a high crime area, meaning a neighborhood with a lot of car burglaries or home invasions, extra security is a good option for your residents. On the opposite end of the spectrum, additional security is also a good idea if your luxury apartment building is home to any high-profile members of the community and many valuable items can be found inside the apartments. 

Professional Security Services private security services

While there are some benefits to having a courtesy officer handle your security, there are some pretty big drawbacks as well. There are limitations to what tasks a courtesy officer is able to perform, because they do not have the authority to enforce local laws. 

This means that the difference between a security guard and a courtesy officer lies within legal liabilities. For instance, if you want armed security then a courtesy officer is not the right option. You don’t want someone to simply stand there and call 911; you want someone who can stop the crime in progress. The solution you’re looking for is Statewide Patrol!

Go ahead and see if this is the right type of security for your apartment complex. We offer 24/7 security services, including mobile patrol that is often quite helpful for large apartment complexes.

Statewide Patrol can provide security services on a month-by-month basis; no long-term contract needs to be signed. There’s nothing holding you back from giving this other security option a try! We know when you have true security guards protecting your building, you’ll understand the difference for yourself. Never let the safety and security of your building be in question again!