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Frequently Asked Security Officer Questions

If you are interested in learning more about increasing your safety, you probably have a lot of questions. Do you really need it? Will it be affordable? Who can provide this extra care? Here at Statewide Patrol, we get these questions a lot. Let’s discuss some of the most common.

What exactly does a security officer do?
In short, a security guard provided by Statewide Patrol will do whatever you want them to do! They can sit at the front gate of a community and check IDs for visitors coming in; they can patrol a construction site after dark; they can report any broken windows back to you; they can tell loitering teenagers to move on, and so much more!

Can they stay with me?
Of course. This is called a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) or bodyguard. An Austin-area bodyguard can assist you and stay by your side in a variety of high-risk situations, like making a round of layoffs at your company, providing background checks on those in your inner circle, taking your kids to school, or just sticking close to you after you’ve come into a great deal of money or been in the news.

How long will they need to be hired for?
No long-term contract is needed. You can hire an officer on a month-by-month basis or even shorter if you’ll only be in Austin for a short period of time.

Will they be armed?
Our officers are licensed in the state of Texas to carry a firearm, so they certainly can be if you prefer it that way. Of course, if you don’t want an armed guard and simply want some supervision, they don’t have to be.

Will they be in uniform?
Again, this is up to you. It is usually nice to have a guard for mobile patrol be in uniform, but your PPO can be either in plain clothes or dressed in a suit. The choice is yours!

Who can I hire if I feel my safety is at risk?
The answer to this question is easy. You need Statewide Patrol! Homes, businesses, and individuals in Austin in need of extra safety measures can reach us at (512) 326-9411. Reach out to us today and discuss your exact needs. We’ll provide you with a free estimate as to how much your safety requirements will cost you. Whatever the price, it will be worth it!



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We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.