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4 Tips to Prevent a House Break-in

With the Coronavirus pandemic raging on, our economic situation has taken a turn for the worse. It’s true across the United States of America as a whole but also here in Austin, TX. Many Austin residents are out of work. Many others are working much less and worried much more. The simple truth is that any time the economy goes down, crime goes up. The economic anxiety of bad times leads to more domestic violence and greater consumption of drugs and alcohol, leading to more violence in general. This trend is also true for property crimes, like thefts and break-ins.

It’s frightening to think of the possibility of returning home in the evening to find that your home had been burglarized. You don’t want your home to be a target. But, what can you do to stop it? Quite a bit actually. Begin by taking one, two, or all of these steps:


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#1 Lock your doors- all your doors.

You may picture a break-in happening when someone smashes through a window. Actually, many burglaries are committed through an unlocked door. Your front door isn’t the only spot to remember. The garage door is your home’s biggest door, so don’t leave it unlocked. Also, remember any back doors or porch doors.

#2 Install smart lighting.

Lights are one of the main ways that you can keep intruders away from your property. Any potential burglars want to do their deed without being noticed. That is why shining a light on them will stop them right in their tracks! Motion sensor lights will scare away those trying to walk onto your property. If you go with “smart” lighting, you can program your lights to come on even when you aren’t home. You can turn the lights in your home on or off from anywhere with your internet-connected device, like your phone, so a burglar will never know if you’re home or not.

#3 Hire a mobile patrol guard.

You and your neighbors all care about keeping your homes safe. That’s why it is a great idea to get together with them and hire a professional mobile guard for the neighborhood. This security guard will patrol the area, either on foot or in a marked vehicle, and make sure no one is in the neighborhood that should not be.

#4 Keep up on your home’s exterior.

Letting your grass grow longer and your bushes overtake the flower beds may as well be saying “Come here!” to potential thieves. Burglars are always looking for places to hide in or around your property. Cutaway tree branches that give easy access to top floor windows. Also, never leave your mail, packages, or newspapers piling up outside. It alerts criminals that no one is home.

Never worry about your safety and the security of your home. You can turn to the trained, trusted security professionals at Statewide Patrol! We offer the mobile patrol guard services listed above. Request a quote for your Austin, TX area home and we’ll go from there. Soon, you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief knowing you, your family, and your possessions are being protected.


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