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3 Ways a Security Officer Increases Positivity for Your Office

You want your employees to be happy and positive while in the workplace. This means more than just pizza parties at the end of a profitable quarter. In order to truly increase positivity, you need to also increase safety and security. After all, it is nearly impossible to feel great about going to work if you feel insecure while there. With this in mind, many employers like yourself are choosing to hire a security team. “Won’t this make them feel more unhappy and perhaps even scared?” you may be wondering? No! The opposite is true! Consider the following:

#1 A security guard can provide hellos and goodbyes. A security officer can be posted at the front of the building where people enter and exit. Each morning, this professional will greet employees before anyone else. This simple hello and a smile go a long way in fostering happiness! Their smile will reflect right back to the employee, boosts happiness levels, and will be a much-appreciated token to start the day. Studies show these smiles, greetings, and personal engagements are much appreciated. As time goes on, the security officer will learn employee names, recognize people, and build positive relationships. At the end of the day, a goodbye provides another positive experience as employees leave and go home. This feels great!

#2 An increase in safety means an increase in comfort. A security officer’s main job is to maintain peace and comfort for everyone. The comfort a security officer brings to an office helps create a positive work environment without fear or anxiety. Your employees will feel safer when they know a security guard checks badges and ensures no one unauthorized is able to enter the building and harm them. You can also opt for the security officer to patrol parking lot areas so your employees feel their vehicles are properly monitored. This reduced fear and anxiety on the job will naturally help increase positive feelings and happiness. The officer’s goal is to create these feelings without disruption to anyone’s daily workflow.

#3 Visitors will feel more comfortable as well. When someone comes to visit the office, the security officer will often be the first stop and help set an impression with the office. A positive and helpful officer will create an ideal first impression for the visitors so their experience remains a good one. If you would like, your security officer can use a visitor log or metal detector to help approve visitors. They will go through the process both professionally and smoothly in order to show each individual respect and kindness. This security officer can answer questions, provide directions, or even escort a visitor to a specific location. 

For employers in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, and San Antonio, the answer is to contact Statewide Patrol. We offer the professional security service you are looking for in order to increase safety, security, and positivity. We can be contacted at the following numbers:

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We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.