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Hire a Bodyguard in the San Antonio Area

Wow- there’s been a lot happening this year! From a deadly pandemic to summer protests to a presidential election to a deep freeze this winter, it seems like it’s been one thing after another. Unfortunately, all of this has combined to make a lot of people really mad, frustrated, and even violent. Depending on your exact situation, you may be in danger. If you’ve been watching the news and wondering if it’s time for you to get a bodyguard, it’s worth thinking about. After all, your safety and security isn’t something to leave to chance!

Our San Antonio Police Department does a wonderful job but they can’t be everywhere at one. Hiring a private bodyguard, on the other hand, means this person is there to provide protection to one particular individual- you! 

You don’t need to be a government official or A-list celebrity to feel like you may be a target. Our economy is shaking. Perhaps you own or manage a business that has had to make tough decisions these past few months. Furloughs and layoffs make people very angry. They’re worried how they’ll pay their bills and whether they’ll find another job in this economy. They may blame you for choosing them instead of a different employee or for not making enough personal sacrifices to keep everyone on payroll. If you’re going through layoffs right now, a San Antonio bodyguard is a fantastic idea. This individual will be there to protect your physical safety, as well as keep the peace around the business as people hear the news, pack their things, and leave the premises.

The news regularly contains stories about people who engage in acts of violence against a person they feel has wronged them. Hiring a bodyguard is more reasonably priced than you may imagine, and so anyone can hire this type of service to help them in a variety of ways. Maybe you’re in the middle of a contentious court case and would like additional protection as you walk to and from the courthouse and testify. Maybe you’ve recently been a victim of a violent act or another type of crime and would like extra security while you get “back to normal.” Perhaps you’re getting divorced and nervous about your ex. There’s no wrong reason to hire a bodyguard. If you feel a little unsafe, this is the solution!

When you hire Statewide Patrol, your personal protection officer can be in plain clothes or a suit. He or she can be armed or unarmed, it’s up to you. You can even have more than one bodyguard if you feel the situation may get out of control. As your chosen security company, we will go over all of the details with you and together, you’ll decide upon a plan of protection that will work for your unique situation. Let’s get to work!


We use the electronic Deggy® Guard Tour System. This allows our officers to easily report events and record our inspections' exact date, time, and location. This system further proves that the services were performed, allowing us to deliver a higher quality service.